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Other than cancer what can a large tumor be


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Hi I've been googling about my question but don't seem to find much about it was wondering other than lung cancer what can a 5cm tumor be. I just wanna see if there's any hope for my mom that isn't cancer 

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A 5cm growth is about 2" on its largest side, the majority of nodules can be measured in mm and not cm.  Most lung nodules are not cancer, but for nodules to be so large would be something to be concerned about.  There is a short article on Lung Nodules that can be found here.  The only definitive way to prove whether a growth is  malignant or benign is a biopsy.  I'm sure that will be a part of the diagnostic process for your mom.  Please make sure to request a biomarker analysis on your mom's biopsy.

If your mom is confirmed with lung cancer please come back.  We have a large family here with varied experiences that we can share with you to help your mom on this journey.


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