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Donna T.

Newcomer to this site since Wednesday

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Hey there Donna!

It's good to finally "hear" your voice. You do indeed have a wonderful advocate in your daughter Deanna; you must be very proud of your family. I am also glad your treatment is going well and you are getting your energy back. Take care,

David P.

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Hi Donna T,

How very nice to meet you!!! I just HAD to welcome you for three reasons. My first reason is, I am so glad to hear your doing well with your treatments. HOORAY!!! I have a couple in my support group with SCLC and they are 3 year survivors and doing very well. Second is, I know you must be very proud to have such a wonderful, loving, supportive and most BEAUTIFUL daughter in your Deanna?! She is a GEM!!! And third, I JUST LOVE your little Granddaughter in the picture with you. She is a Sweetheart and I know you must be one proud Grandma!!! :) Gotta love these Grand-kids!!!! I can see where the beauty comes from in your family, do your girls take after YOU????

Well Donna, welcome and I am sure you will be a wonderful support system for many on this board and I hope you get as much support from being here. Prayers to you that you will continue to beat this beast!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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