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Topotecan Round 3


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I go in at 8:30am tomorrow for round 3 but I have a feeling I may be getting a couple units of blood instead! I can tell my counts are WAYYYYYYY down so I think they will refill me in the morning. Side effects have not been to bad (except constipation) so I am sure they will continue treatment on Thursday if I get blood tomorrow.

I will let ya know!!

Thanks all for the prayers and good wishes!

God Bless you all,


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Hi Mo,

Good to hear the side effects aren't to bad. Mine weren't either except for the low counts & man could I tell when they went down!!! There is nothing like the feeling you get from gassing up on a couple units!!! Good luck. All my best & positive energy coming your way. Rachel

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Well, I was right (mark it on the calendar!!). Instead of chemo I got 2 units of packed red cells. My platelets are down to 34 (should be 150 - 450) and my HGB (red cells) were down to 8.3 (should be 12 - 16). I will have to wait till the 18th for the next round of chemo. They also started me on Aranesp to try and build up my red cells. I understand it to be like Procrit but you get it every 2 weeks instead of every week. We will give that a few weeks and see what happens!

All in all it was a relaxing day cause I usually nap through the transfusion, lol. Now I am ready to GO!!!

God Bless,


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