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Lumakras/sotorasib side effects - Liver problems


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I am stage IV and was taking Lumakras for about a month until early April, when liver lab results went out of control. Oncologist had me stop. She may have me restart after labs, but this is what I am wondering -- has anyone else been on Lumakras (first scan did show progress eliminating tumors) had this happen to them? If so, how was it handled? (I have the G12C KRAS mutation.)

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Hello,  I have stage 4 colon cancer (mets to lungs as well). I just started taking Sotorasib. I came here to find / share information because KRAS G12C is more prevalent in lung than colon cancer and Sotorasib is approved for lung, not colon yet.

I see that you have not received any responses. I am having a hard time finding people taking Sotorasib! On cancer.org there was just one mention in the lung cancer forum and no response there either. I'm so sorry to hear about your liver results. This side effect is also what I'm afraid of.

Did you have any other side effects? And how long after starting did they kick in?

Have you restarted Sotorasib? And are you on any combination drugs?

I'm sorry that I can't provide you with any useful info yet as I'm only 4 days in. Have you perhaps any advice on how to find others who take Sotorasib?

if you have any questions that I could help with I'd be happy to respond if I know. I've done a lot of research on Sotorasib.


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