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Stereotactic Radiation Completed, Nodule To Be Finished Off By Immune System

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Has this happened to anyone else ?

I completed radiation for lepidic lung nodule.  In my case, this entailed 5 sessions of stereotactic radiation.

The last day, the treating physician advised that the radiation dented the cancerous cells such that my immune system could now identify them, and my immune system will now be responsible for completing the job.  

If so, I welcome your own story, how you proceeded, results if any, etc.

Thank you.

In health.

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I also had stereotactic radiation to fry a lung nodule as my 5th line treatment. I remember reading about the Abscopal Effect, but my radiation oncologist did not have data that supported its viability as a systemic cancer treatment.

I know people who've had SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy) for one tumor in the lung and have experienced tumors shrinking in other areas. Again, there  are no definitive studies to validate. I endured many recurrences after surgery, chemo-radiation, 18 infusions of taxol and carboplatin. My last treatment was SBRT to stubborn tumor that wouldn't respond to other methods. That was in March 2007 and I've been NED since. So, I'm a believer. I hope you experience similar results.

Stay the course.


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