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My sister Kim (the one behind me on the bike) is getting married in October. She wants instead of favors to take that money and donate it to Lung Cancer Research. She said she wants to find and organization that donates at least 75 cents of every dollar and makes sure it goes to research (she worked for an org in college high profile one and only 50 cents of every dollar went to it) Does anyone have any suggestions.

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This is a GREAT idea! I did it for my wedding (although not for l. cancer as it was before I was touched by the disease & aware of it really), and people loved it!

Anyway, Lungevity raises $ only for research for lung cancer. I don't know what % is used for admin though, and what % is actually given for research. Check them out at www.lungevity.org and give them a call even! They are nice people!

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You might want to take a look at The Thomas G. Lebrecque Foundation. This foundation is the one that organizes a run/walk/awareness raising for LUNG cancer in New York's Central Park (April 25th, this year) and has a lot of corporate sponsers (who may underwrite administrative costs).

Web site:


Its goals are to:

1) To spread awareness that anyone, at any age, can suffer from lung cancer.

2) To support lung cancer research by funding the development of new treatments and better screening tools.

3) To justly focus media and grassroots attention on LUNG cancer, since it is the #1 cancer killer in the U.S.

4) To continue the fight...

I'm sorry I don't know more--I just learned about it myself today (we were only dx'ed last week). I also worked for a not-for-profit and am extremely aware of how important it is to find out what percent of your donation actually goes to cause you wish to fund!

As someone whose finacee's mother just was dx'ed with stage IV LC--I understand, and applaud your sister's decision.

If I find out any more, I will let you know.


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Your sister sounds great! I'd like to do some research myself, to see who gives how much for lung cancer research, specifically. I haven't done it yet, but here's some info that will help when you have organizations to consider. Very smart to be sure they put 75% or more of their funds to work for the cause, as opposed to fundraising and administration. Also, she might ask, in advance, if there's a way to "designate" any gifts to lung cancer research, specifically, if she picks an organization that also does other things.

There are several websites you can use to look up info on charities:

The best one, I think, is:


There's also the Better Business Bureau's charity info service:


And there's another one:


The American Institute of Philanthropy has a rating guide, but you have to order it for $3. However, they do list the "top-rated" charities on the web:


I hope this is helpful!


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