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New here but diagnosed 2 years ago


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Hi everybody!  Would like to say I'm happy to be here, but you know how it is...🤣


I was diagnosed back in November of 2019 with stage 4 NSCLC - EGFR exon 19 deletion (gooooo Tagrisso!)

Mets to my brain (it's cool, I don't use it much anyway), leptomeninges, spine and hip (suffice to say, I don't do much dancing anymore)

I'm a 46 year old male.  Never smoker and nobody in my immediate family is/was a smoker (hey, sometimes 💩 happens).


Not sure what else to really say at this point.  I think the worst part of my diagnosis was that it may have caused my primary care doctor to quit medicine.  He was a new doctor and the poor guy had to tell me I had cancer when I was just there for a routine check up.  His practice told me he left medicine a couple of months later 😢


Anyway, hope you're all doing well!  Keep fighting the good fight and keep ringing those bells! Y'all got this!


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Hi Lop, I was diagnosed 2 years ago too, in October 2019. I'm also on Tagrisso and NED. My primary doctor was the one who broke the news to me but she said that lung cancer isn't a death sentence anymore. I didn't drive her out of medicine, I still see her for routine checkups. 

Glad you're doing well!

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Hey Lop, 

I'm part of Team Tagrisso too. (Say that three times fast.) I recently had gamma knife to fry a brain met. (I like to call my gamma knife doc Mack the Knife, just not to his face.) Sorry you're part of this club, but this is a good place to hang out. 


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