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Pls don't get me wrong


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I wrote on another post in support of this site and all it does. I also wrote that I thought something also needs to be done for adovacay. This was in not way a criticims of this site, but only my desire that no one in the future ever have to walk in any of the same shoes we all now walk in--patient, caregiver or family member. I just hoped someone stood forward to take on the advocacy role, becuase it, too, is needed.

Love you all.


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Dear Elaine----

while I agree that advocacy is needed--and I do agree with your post -not everyone can be an advocate and I don't believe people should get upset with others who cannot or do not want to become an advocate ---If they wanted to, people can get involved without changing the support aspect of this board.

I personally come to this board for support---and based on the time that I have, try and offer as much support as I can to others on this board that are in need of encouragement---I have also donated money, because I cannot give time.

-I leave my house at 6:00 a.m. and do not return till way after 7:00 p.m. from work--- with a three to four hour exhausting commute---quite frankly, I am exhausted just trying to support myself and keep my house going ---weekends are spent doing chores---I just do not have the energy and god bless the people that do---

From your post, I don't think anyone would think you were criticizing ---and I agree that advocacy is important too-- but so is support and as you and someone else on this board pointed out---there is room for both

best wishes to you-

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