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Hi my name is Val. I was diagnosed in May 2019 at age 26. Any other young adult survivors out there?

Right now I'm 29 years old. I have a degree in medical lab technology but i could never use it because I have pain and fatigue from the cancer. I'm pretty active mentally though.

I live with my husband and my wonderful cat. I love nature,science, music, God, books, and art. I always am learning something new every day, and i am a curious person. I'm also religious and i put a tremendous amount of faith in God and Jesus.

I have been through seven different types of therapy, including chemo, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and clinical trial. Right now they have no options for me unless I'm a good fit for another clinical trial. I'm just doing palliative care for the pain and fatigue.

Despite this, i try to stay positive. I'm somewhat healthy right now, because I'm off of all medicine, so I'm doing everything i always wanted to do. Everyday is an adventure.

I just want to live everyday to the fullest with joy and happiness.


Have a blessed day. 


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Hi, Val.

I'm so glad you are here, even if your reasons for being here stink. You've had quite a road since your diagnosis. I will keep my fingers crossed that a trial comes up that is a match for you. It's wonderful that you are doing the things you love!

One young adult survivor group I have found is on instagram.  @thecancerpatient is irreverent, profane, and often makes me laugh out loud. There's a Discord community, too, and a podcast called (surprise!) The Cancer Patient Podcast. The podcast includes messages from patients and has an oncology social worker involved too, so you get a variety of perspectives. 

There's so much information on this site; I hope you'll find something that helps, even a little. 

Please keep us posted as to how you are doing!



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Welcome to the club that nobody wants to be a member of.  I too was diagnosed in 2019 and had a lobectomy on May 2nd the same year.  You mention having had treatments without mentioning any success, failure of outcome.  Your tone would indicate that you are at a point where there are no treatment options.  In order for us to share our experiences and provide some support can you tell us a bit more about your diagnosis (stage, factors, biomarkers, etc.), treatments, outcomes, and any clinical trials you looked into.  There is such a wide swath of people on the forum that whatever you write somebody will have information for you that will prove useful.  I look forward to hearing more from you.


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Hi Val,

Keep up the positivity! I too was diagnosed with SCLC. I had chemo and radiation which shrunk my nodule and lymph node tumors. I am currently in a clinical study to see if MRI of the brain alone is as good as PCI of the brain to watch for metastasis. There are many clinical trials and I hope one will be available for you. Keep living life to the fullest! Praying for you.

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