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Cox-2 inhibitor - Has anyone tried Celebrex with chemo?


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Our oncologist agreed that there definitely seemed to be some merit in taking Celebrex. He started my husband on 200mg 2x a day and when he realized he tolerated it well, he upped it to 400mg 2x a day.

Earl had his last carbo/taxol on 12/22/03 and is now on Iressa. He continues to take the Celebrex.

I would definitely request it.


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hi Terri

There has been alot of discussion on the use of celebrex during chemo on this board. If you use the search icon underneath Lung Cancer Message Boards, you will find a whole pile of info!! I also found loads of info from doing a web search. It certainly does seem to have an effect for some people, and would appear to be worth trying if you can tolerate it.

All the best.


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Terry -

To the best of my knowledge the benefits of Celebrex are AFTER treatment, to help you stay in remission.

M.D. Anderson is currently running a clinical trial specifically for Lung Cancer and Celebrex - they already have hard data for other cancers (colon and prostate, I think).

I've been on it since I got in to remission (last April!).....at one point, my doctor said he didn't know if it was really doing anything for me - I said "can it hurt"? He said "nope" and filled out another prescription...

Hugs and prayers,


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I am taking 400 mg of Celebrex and just started Gemcitabine treatments today, so it's too early to know anything positive or negative, but I like the idea of double-whammy! My oncologist seems to think it is worth the try as long as I can tolerate it.



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I am not sure how much she is taking, but my wife takes Celebrex as well. She started in late December or January when the pain in her back and side was so bad, and almost immediately the pain there began subsiding. I sure hope it makes chemo work better; don't know enough to comment there though.


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I had asked my oncologist about that a while back (after I was done treatment) and he said there are several studies out there on using chemo combined w/ Celebrex and that the initial studies look very promising, but there isn't enough concrete evidence out there one way or the other.

I'd say that you should definetely check w/ your doctor and see if it is something he is willing to investigate further with you! Never hurts to ask!

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Yes, studies on celebrex and chemo are looking good! I took 200/mg a day while on chemo for leg aches before I knew about the cancer benefits. Now I take 400 mg 2x day to help prevent a recurrence.

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