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Just a thank you

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I would like to thank everyone for all their encouragement and kind words. My husband has been released from the hospital today into the care of Hospice. I see an improvement in him in just the few hours we've been home. At this point in his life, the doctor feels he's done everything in his power and we will wait to see if the etoposide does anything to decrease the liver. His belly is full of fluid which causes him discomfort but doesn't seem to be in any other apparent pain. I think the best thing, if there is such a thing....is that his lungs are better and he is able to breathe. The largest tumor found when diagnosed was 20 centimeters. I know that's really big. That one is decreased to 5.5 cm but it was a hard trip to get to that point.

Monday is our next appointment, I will keep you all abreast.

Again, thanks for the prayers and please keep them going. I'm not ready to loose him and he's not ready to go.

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First, what a beautiful refreshing picture. Shrinkage is very good news and its wonderful that your husband can breath better.. When my dad was sick all he hoped for was to be able to breath easier, so thats good news too. I will keep you in my prayersa that you get even more good news at your next appt..

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when my moms tumor was first found it was 17cm long and 12 cm wide. It was practicially her whole chest since she had lost so much weight.

she had a real good response to the first 3 rounds of chemo then it stopped working on her.

my dads tumor was his entire left lung, we haven't had the first scan since chemo started yet so I am not sure if it has shrunk any yet.

i am glad your husband is breathing better and hospice can do wonders for a persons spirit.

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My wife and I are high on Hospice, having had experienced them treating her mother, my brother and a friend. I actually have met someone who "graduated" from hospice. She got better and became a long-term survivor. So it can happen now and then. Keep us posted. Don

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