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There seems to be a recurring sentiment among us caregivers that we just "want to do something" but we're often at a loss as to what we CAN do. Personally, I don't know much at all about this subject, but I wanted to at least start a dialogue.

Apparently you can donate "platelets" similar to the manner in which you donate blood. Those platelets are then given to individuals whose own platelet counts are low, perhaps due to chemotherapy or other treatments. I've never donated platelets myself (and I don't know if I could, since I had hepatitis A a long time ago and they won't even take my blood), but a good friend donates them regularly, and this is what she said:

You have to be fairly healthy, and your own platelet count has to be in a certain range before you're allowed to give. The process is more complicated than giving blood . . . they draw your blood out, then the platelets are "strained out" (for lack of a better word), then the blood is "pushed" back into you (which can be somewhat uncomfortable). Platelets are not terribly stable - they have to be used fairly quickly, but I don't know within what time frame. However, a donor can donate platelets frequently, perhaps as often as every other day.

My friend got involved in platelet donation because an acquaintance of hers was battling cancer a couple of years ago. The platelets she donated were designated for this specific person, and the medical facility actually called my friend to tell her that upon injection, the recipient immediately got a "boost."

On a personal note, this friend of mine laughs that upon her first donation, she was told that she has "beautiful platelets." She said she didn't quite understand that, cause it just looked kind of like urine up there in that bag! Anyway, she said she's saving 'em up now just in case TBone needs any down the road.

If any of you out there have more information, I encourage you to share it with us all. In the meantime, I plan to do a little "surfing" to see what I can learn and will share it as well.

Love and Blessings,


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One thing I did recently was to sign up to be a bone marrow donor. It was something I always meant to do and just ever got around to it. There was a bone marrow drive near us and I decided to go and see if I was a match for anyone.


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Bone marrow donation can be done while you're living, as can blood donation, or blood component donation.

Organ donation, is a final gift.

After cancer, nothing is useful medically for donation -- not blood, not bone marrow, not organs-- which hurts, because that's something I always strongly believed in.

So those of you still healthy who are doing these unselfish thing....




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