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Off Topic - But An Announcement About A Good Cause

Remembering Dave

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Hi, this is Karen C. We haven't been on the board in a week or so, we've just been so busy haven't had much time for the computer, and I am stealing a few minutes at work to post this. Also, to the Instigator and everyone else waiting for the Dave drag photos - they're coming, we promise. We got the dress, pantyhouse, wig, pumps and bright red lipstick, but by the time we got everything together on Sunday we were both too tired to do it. I have been suffering from hypothyroid plus a terrible sinus infection so it's two sick people muddling through our day struggling to take care of a demanding two year old. Anyway, we appreciate everyone reading the following message, at least wanted everyone to know what else we're up to:

Hi, as most everyone knows, on March 22, 2003 I took my husband Dave to the hospital emergency room where he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. After many months of aggressive treatment through chemotherapy and radiation treatments and thanks to the many prayers and the support we have received from family, friends,co-workers and our employers (and all of you at LCSC!), I am happy to report that one year later he is cancer free. To help celebrate being cancer free on the first anniversary of Dave's diagnoses (and also to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary) he will be participating in the fifth annual St. Baldricks event which will be held on Sunday, March 21 at 4:00 pm at the Irish Festival at St. Patrick's Church on 25th Street on Church Hill. St. Baldricks is an event to raise money for children's cancer research through the National Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF) where volunteers take pledges to shave their heads, as an act of solidarity for childhood cancer victims who often lose their hair during chemo treatments. Many advances in all cancer treatments have come through the research for a Cure for Childhood Cancer. I will admit that Dave is cheating a bit - his hair just recently started to grow back after chemo and radiation treatments - but I hope you will support him in this wonderful cause. Donations made to sponsor Dave in this event can either be made on-line by going to www.stbaldricks.org, clicking on "Sponsor A Shavee" and finding his name (David Chapman) in the search engine, or by mailing in a donation using the donation form available either on the website or from me. Any amount is appreciated no matter how large or small.

Thanks and God Bless, Karen C.

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Guest Karen C

Hey, I just wanted to add that we're not posting this to try to solicit pledges from folks (but if you do want to donate, it is a very good cause and we greatly appreciate it) - but we just wanted everyone to see what a neat thing Dave is doing to celebrate being alive and kicking one year after diagnoses.

I'll never forget that weekend and the awful sinking feeling when the emergency room doctor came into the room after Dave's blood tests and x-ray and said he thought Dave had lung cancer. I thought our life together was over.

I'm so glad to be wrong!

God Bless,

Karen C.

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