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Cisplatin and Etoposide for 3b nsclc


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My dad will be doing Cisplatin for 1 day and Etoposide for 5 days on week 1, Cisplatin for 1 day on week 2, break on week 3 and repeat for cycle for week 4 and 5 along side radiation. I noticed most people with sclc on this forum get treated with these drugs and am interested if anyone with nsclc got chemo with these drugs. 

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Hi Salem..... Sorry I'm late to your post. I'm a long time lurker and this is the first time I've posted.

I was diagnosed NSCLC stage 1, 1.5 CM tumor right middle lobe in January 2019. Just went the surgery route for that one.

Recurrence of NSCLC with two tumors appearing in the right lobe by November 2019....surgery was scheduled but then Covid hit, had to reschedule surgery until May 2020.

By the time they went in for surgery, I then had 5 tumors spread across all three of my right lobes (all greater than 1.2 cm each) plus a lymph node firmly attached to my esophagus. Now the cancer was stage 3B (T4,N2,MX). No gene mutations found except a very low pdl1 expression of 4%.

Normally they say stage 3B is inoperable, but because they didn't realize how many tumors were now present, they went in to do surgical wedge resections prior to knowing I was a stage 3B. Devine intervention I guess. They say they got them all during the surgery.

I did a similar regimen to the one you spoke of.

Cisplatin day one with Etoposide days 1 through 5, skipped the weekend and then day 6 Etoposide again. Had a 3 week break between the chemos and started the regimen a second time.

Did this with concurrent radiation therapy for 6 weeks.

After I was finished with the radiation we waited about a month because I had serious esophageal burns that prevented me from swallowing. Once we got that under control a little bit, I went straight to durvalumab for 12 months. That was in September 2020.

I went to my routine check up / CAT scan yesterday. Preliminary results are still showing clear, but I don't have the report back from the radiologist yet. The PA seemed a little wishy-washy in giving me two thumbs up, so that always makes me nervous. But still grateful for the preliminary outcome I have over 2 years later.

So the short answer to your question is yes, Cisplatin and Etoposide are used for NSCLC. 

Hope your dad did well with this chemo cocktail.

Peace and blessings to all 🙏

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