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Walked out of facility didn’t get the surgery 😳


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So, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted. 
As the title says, I walked out before my lung surgery and I’m so glad I did! 
Too many details to type but the short story is, the place was awful in my opinion and it just wasn’t for me. I did not feel comfortable or cared for. I left. 
i spoke with my oncologist and she got me in with a new surgeon and I will now have my surgery at the same hospital that I did my chemo/rads before.  The new surgeon ordered a chest Ct and wouldn’t ya know, they found another nodule in the upper area of the same lung. So now there are two. The second one is too small to do anything with so who knows how that will go.  
Anyway. Surgery Thursday 5/26/22! 
I feel much better than I did before! 
I will post soon as I can after and let everyone know how it went.  

i do have a question! Did anyone have the pre-surgery drink? I was told I can have water up until 2 hours before surgery! I’m so happy for that! I can’t hardly stand not having my water through the night haha 

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If you were feeling unsafe with he staff then cancelling was the best thing to do. I hope your surgery went well.  I"ll have to check for any posts you have on it.


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