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Brother's Best Scan Results Since DX May'21

Good Bro

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Brother had all scans done late last week and just met with his onc before his chemo treatment this morning.  Doc said he considers his cancer "stable" at this point.  That is GREAT news, especially since his first-line treatment didn't work.  He is on the Docetaxel & Cyramza treatments now.  I believe today was maybe his 6th treatment of this combo.  He just had his stent removed last week also.  So, definitely heading in the right direction.  Hopefully he will see a continuation of this type of response.  Now he just needs to put back on some weight.  He just looks so frail.  Will be walking with him in the Relay For Life this Saturday though.  Looking so forward to it.  

Any experience from anyone on this same treatment for an extended period of time with continued response?  

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Good Bro',

I do not have experience with any non-surgical treatment, but I'm so glad to hear of your brother's cancer becoming stable.  That is most surely a step in the right direction and our hope is that there is a regression of the cancer over time.  I hope he can regain his weight as well.  Try anything that he will eat and tolerate.


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Thanks LouT.  Yeah unfortunately, he has been led to believe he should cut sugar out of his diet.  So, between hardly anything tasting good and avoiding sugar, it is proving to be quite difficult for him to gain weight.  My S-in-L said that his onc made the comment that his treatment is open-ended in regards to the duration, as long as it is working.  However, I haven't found a single story of anyone being able to stay on this combo for an extended period of time (idk, like > 1yr) due to its toxicity, side effects, and/or efficacy duration.  Hoping my brother can be that story though and maybe give others hope.  

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