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Thought of the day - why we go through this…


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About a year ago, I habitually played two rounds of 9 holes of golf weekly at my very ondulated golf course. At some point in June, I realised I wasn’t quite well as I would get worn out at first the 8th, then the 7th and finally the 6th hole. I partially put it down two poor post-lockdown form, but it didn’t seem right that I would get worse, rather than better. Fast forward through scans, tests and a diagnosis of stage 4 LC, immunotherapy and a long round of radiation, I went out on the course for the first time in a year, and pretty much breezed through 9 holes in glorious London sunshine.

I realise that I didn’t go through all of that just to survive, but to live; spent time with those I love and do things I enjoy. To me, this was actually a profound realisation, and one I hope can stay with me for however long it lasts. ❤️


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Beautifully said RJN.  We need to choose to live the life we are given and that is not always easy, but the best course for people of all stripes.  Thanks for sharing.


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England can be glorious on a sunny day in June. This is a photo from 2019, our last grand vacation before COVID lockdown, of the Anglican parish church in Upper Slaughter,  Gloucestershire, England, on June 1st on a wonderful sunny a day!

Surviving this disease gives opportunity to enjoy life. Take every opportunity to do so. Well done RJN!

Stay the course.



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Amen, Rikke. What glorious weather you had! And how strong you've become as time has gone on. 

My husband and I were away this past weekend. We hiked something called the Misery Trail. It was really hard, and I was--and am-- so grateful I could do it, especially since I could barely walk down the block last September. Hiking is one of the things I dearly love. I plan to do as much of it as I can.... (The blue speck in the photo is my husband.)


(Sorry for the tiny picture. Here's the actual version: 




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I spent the weekend with my closest friends celebrating birthdays and graduations. I know how incredibly fortunate I am to be here and am thankful every day. Treatment was tough but oh so worth it. Now if I can just figure out how to stop working so much! 


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