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Almost 9 mins post LUL


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9 months since the LUL surgery. I think I’m doing well but wonder why I still have days when I’m short of breath and heavy breathing.  Also have a dry croupy type cough sometimes.  And days when I’m just exhausted.  Is this normal?


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Good to hear from you again, it's been a while.  Bridget is correct that everyone is different when it comes to recovery and symptoms can vary.  If I were you I would speak to my pulmonologist, get tested and perhaps a low-dose CT (if he/she felt one was necessary) so you can determine the source of the SOB.  So many things can affect it that any of us here would be guessing at the cause and that would not be of any substantive help to you.  Please speak with your doctor and let us know what you find out.


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My pcp is no better than seeing my local vet.  A Ct scan is now scheduled for august.  Surgeon said if there’s a problem, she can do a ‘renovation’. Whaaaat?   Not sure I want anything in my body renovated except my face.  Lol.  What’s a renovation?   Otherwise, I think I’m doing well.  

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