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Hello Friends

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Hi Friends!

I was just diagnosed with stage 4 EGFR Lung Cancer 7 months ago. My treatment (Tagrisso) is going well and I’m ready to be in a supportive community. I have a beautiful daughter and husband as well as friends and family that are praying for me and sending rainbows 🌈💜. By the way, CANCER HATES RAINBOWS! They have become my healing totem! Happy to be here and learn from all of you!  

Blessings and Healing,


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Hi izumi 

Welcome to a great community and a place for support,I'm glad everything is going well for you, I was diagnosed last August stage 3b lung cancer and I have really appreciated all the support from everyone on here 

All the best Take care Justin x 

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Hi Izumi, I'm also a Tagrisso taker. I was diagnosed in October 2019 at Stage IIIB. I hope you're doing well and that your side effects are minimal. 

Below are links to a couple of private Facebook groups that I've found very helpful. We discuss Tagrisso side effects and tips, and the EGFR Resisters are very involved with research. 



If you have any questions for us, please ask. 

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