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Lucie's Birthday

Don Wood

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Lucie's birthday is Monday. This weekend the whole family will help her celebrate, especially since she wasn't supposed to make it this far. What a trooper -- I love her so much!

She has been doing well lately. She has gotten back enough energy to become a one-woman quilt and table runner assembly line! They are so beautiful, every one of them. She has an eye for color and patterns. The following weekend, she is going back to Mississippi to see her cousins. She is going to fly by herself! She is going to take her bright red LCSC tote bag on the plane with her. In two weeks, she is going to take local training to be caregiver for other lung cancer patients one-on-one. I am so proud of her wanting to do all this. And, yes, we are still planning to go to Scotland at the end of May. We are truly blessed. Don

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This is so wonderful and I can just see you beaming while you wrote it. What do her doctors think of this remarkable woman who they said would not be here today?? I am sure your care has had a great deal to do with Lucie's wellness, now. You twor are just so inspiring.

Lots of love to you both


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Don---and so you should be very proud to be married to an amazing woman---

but---- you too are amazing as a caregiver----and after all the years, I truly am in awe (and must admit, a little envious :oops: ) of your devotion to one another ----

so--- enjoy your celebration---you both deserve it!!!!

best wishes for many, many, many more happy birthdays for Lucie and you

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Have a Happy Birthday, Lucie. Of course, you and Don sound like the kind of folks who decided a long time ago that you were going to be happy together no matter what.

Enjoy your birthday, your visit with your cousins, your quilting, and life in general!

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Happy Birthday Lucie !

Don, what a beautiful love story you and your Lucie are. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. I for one think it is so touching and warm and wonderful. FEEL THE LOVE!!

Lucie, YOU GO GIRL!!! :):):) I am so happy for you BOTH! LIFE IS GOOD!!!

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Happy Birthday Lucie!

Don--what a wonderful love story the two of you have! I've gone through my surgeries/treatment alone (with 3 young kids) and many times I've wished that I had someone to share my feelings with. Lucie is blessed to have such a wonderful caregiver and loving husband.

Lucie--enjoy your special day and wonderful family.... you go girl!!! :D

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