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Started 80MG Tagrisso Last Night


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Was supposed to start on Friday, but I was a bit scared.  Took me until Monday July 4th to get the courage.  My co-pay ended up being $16.60 a month, which was then picked up by Astra Zeneca as part of their 20,000 per year in financial help to those on the drug.  So overall cost to me is $0.00. 

Overall I don't feel much.  Either I haven't had time to build up enough of the drug in the blood stream, or this targeted therapy stuff is pretty ingenious.  My allergies have kicked up, so that could be the cause of my drowsiness, but I'd like to see how I feel with zero allergies acting up.  I took it at 11:30 PM, so that I could sleep through the side effects which is was the Cancer Center Pharmacist suggested.  I have follow-up blood testing in a week.  My heart looked great for 57 when they did the baseline Echo Cardiogram. 

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Good for you, Kamoto. You may or may not get side effects. The best advice I can give you is to moisturize well. Tagrisso dries out skin, hair, nails and your eyes too. Tagrisso gave me nasal allergies, so I take Claritin daily. They say to drink lots of water but you'll want to watch your sodium/electrolytes if you do. Report all side effects (if you get them) to your oncologist. Consider taking it at night to eliminate daytime drowsiness or fatigue. 

Tagrisso has been very good for me. Hope you get great results. 

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Glad to hear you are on the "treatment train" and that it is starting out pretty much without incident.  Please keep us posted as you go through and ask any questions you may have.  My treatment was surgical but, as you know, we have a wide variety of treatments in our Lungevity Family.


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