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When does lung cancer cough go away?


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Hi so my mom finished 2 cycles of chemo and finishes her radiation on Monday. Her cough that she had prior to her diagnosis is still here but is a lot better. I don't see her 24/7 but before when I would visit I would heat her coughing all the time but now I never hear it besides today. Just wondering when should I expect to see her stop coughing permanently or would it still be a while. She is dinebwith chemo was was told she would be doing immunotherepy next. But for now just 1 more radiation and that's it

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Everyone is different, but I seem to recall a reduction in cough after about 2 weeks of chest radiation (and 2x chemo). Of course, that's when esophagitis started, so the coughing was the least of my worries. 

Afterward, I developed a dry cough after 7 months on Tagrisso. My oncologist referred me to my pulmonologist, who diagnosed nasal allergies/post-nasal drip. Since then, I take Claritin daily and the cough is gone. 

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