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My mum's scan coming up soon. Scanziety


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My mum is doing fairly well. The health issues that she has are non-cancer related and to do with complications of a kidney stone op (she has recurrent UTIs which the doctor said is normal but nevertheless not pleasant). Mum otherwise is fine. Lungs and all are fine. 

I know the the scan is routine but nevertheless it's always unsettling. Mum has been NED for almost 2 years (not including when they falsely misdiagnosed inflammation for recurrence in Feb 2021). I always hold onto hope that the cancer won't return. My mum says that the cancer won't return. I admire her positivity and don't want to dampen her spirits with my fears. I hope too that's that the cancer has gone forever but there's no guarantees in life. I go through periods where I obsess and worry about the cancer coming back and periods where I think, she'll be fine; she's done so amazingly well and her response to treatment has been incredible.

I pray that she's still clear. The scan is on the 26th July and she speaks to her consultant on 2nd August. The consultant said that my mum could be scanned less often but she said that she wants to take care of my mum even more especially after I wrote her a letter of gratitude for everything that she's done for my mum. 

Mum is doing well other than for the kidney stones related issues. She hasn't been able to be as active (going for daily walks) because of the heatwave and UTI discomfort but she's still fairly active with day to day activities. 

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