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Nervous for my mom's 2nd round of chemo therapy

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Back in 2017 my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The dr at that time gave her a year to live. So glad he was wrong. They had her go on oral chemo which made her so sick she had to stay in the hospital for 4 days. Then she tried another type of oral chemo which had better side effects. She’s been off chemo for a few years and has also went through radiation. She was doing well until this last dr visit in June they found a mutation in her cancer. They recommend a lighter chemo treatment then immuno therapy. Already her insurance denied this treatment as it is a lighter version of the treatment. I hope the insurance works out and I hope the treatment is ok on her. Anyone else gone through something similar or had to support someone in a similar situation? Let me know, I just need to know things worked out. Thank you! 

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Hi! I am seeing this late so I apologize for the delayed response. I'm also supporting my Mom who has lung cancer. I haven't been through the same treatment issues that you're describing but I just wanted to say I understand how hard it is to deal with the ups and downs of a family member having cancer. I hope that you are feeling better about her treatment plan now. 

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