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Hi all,

I realised I haven’t been online in a while, so wanted to update everyone on my situation. I got my scan results back today… these were the big ones after 4 rounds of platinum chemo (cisplatin and then carbo) + alimta/pemetrexed, 32 rounds of radio to my lung and lymph nodes and 3 lots of high dose SBRT to my shoulder.

I’ve been really worried about these scan results, as I’ve been in A LOT of pain in my ribs for the last month. Plus an MRI a few weeks back showed an abnormality in my 6th rib, so I was fully expecting bad news today. But no!! Quite the opposite, in fact. My CT and PET scan showed no sign of active cancer! The report said “complete metabolic response”. Amazing… I’m totally blown away! It feels totally miraculous. 🙏🙏

It actually turns out that the rib pain is due to a broken rib. I’ve basically been coughing a lot over the last couple of months (partly due to radio, and partly the chemo affecting my immune system, so I keep getting viruses from my son who is at nursery)... anyway, between the cough and a potentially weakened rib cage from radio, I’ve cracked a rib. No wonder I’m in pain. But I’ll take it over a new metastasis any day!!

Now I know that things can change really quickly, and my type of cancer loves to metastasise, so the chances are that it will rear its head back up again at some point… But right now this is just such good news. So I’ll take it!!! This diagnosis has made it very clear what matters and what doesn’t, so I will try to continue to live my life day by day in the rebellious hope that I will continue to defy the odds, and get on with doing the things I love… namely, making memories with my family and friends, and generally LIVING my life!

Gini Xx

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12 hours ago, Chuck K said:

Hi Gini

I recently got the same results happy for you. Now celebrate 


That’s fabulous news. Congratulations to you too! :)

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