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Stem Cell Consultation!

gerbil runner

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Mom met with the stem cell transplant team today for a preliminary interview. They want to test her heart and lung function, as well as liver and kidneys. Gave her lots of info on the procedure, as well as ideas as to what else they might try if she's not strong enough for stem cell or if she has a recurrence down the road. She was very pleased with their attitude of doing everything possible to give her a better chance for survival.

It sure wouldn't be a walk in the park - 4 to 5 weeks in the hospital. I may be called upon for some kind of cell or marrow donation if she can't have stem cell (we have the same blood type). My response was "Where and when do they want to test me?" Not yet, but maybe in the future.

Roger Williams apparantly does a great deal of stem cell transplants. Her insurance would cover it without a problem, and the hospital is near enough so Dad and I and her sister can visit. She definitely wants to do it if they'll take her.

She is starting to feel the effects of the radiation - very very tired, some pain, a little difficulty swallowing. Mom has 11 more treatments to go, I think. Also, her primary dr. saw her today and thinks she looks a bit jaundiced. She had a stent put in her bile duct back in November when they first thought she had pancreatic cancer. The stent was meant to be temporary, replaced with a metal one in a few months, so maybe the stent is collapsing. Tomorrow's blood tests will tell more.

It's a tough journey, and promises to get more interesting real soon. But Mom is proving to be tougher than many gave her credit for.

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Dear Jen,

I sure hope this works. It sure sounds interesting. I'm sorry to hear mom is starting to feel the effects of her treatments. Wish EVERYONE could go through them like I did, with MINOR problems.

I will keep your mom and your family in my prayers.

Stay strong, and GOD BLESS. ((((((((JEN & MOM))))))))

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