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durvalumab immunotherepy


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Do my mom finished 2 rounds of chemo and 6 weeks radiation and is now starting durvalumab immunotherepy  on August 2nd justvwanna know what ur guys experience with durvalumab and how well it worked. Ps my mom is 3b

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My mum was also diagnosed with stage 3b in Feb 2020 and she was on durvalumab. She stopped durvalumab after 8 rounds in Jan 2021 and since every check up scan she's been NED.  She had another follow up scan last week and she gets the results on Tuesday. I pray to G*d she's still NED. 

Mum had a lot of side effects when on durvalumab, not as bad as chemo but she had persistent pneumonitis and shingles plus tiredness. However I say no pain no gain. Immunotherapy has been a game changer in cancer treatment. It's great that your mum is eligible for it as it can have incredible results. 


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