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My Dad's got Stage 4 NSCLC, with brain metastases to the Brain

Cody foote

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Hi all, I've not been active recently, I just wanted to give you all an update on Dad. He's doing really well, we have had some really good and positive news, dad's cancer is still shrinking, his Lung tumor, lymph nodes and also his brain mets are shrinking. Which is fantastic! The gamma knife surgery has been very successful so far! They don't want to see dad now for another 6 months!  It's been a rough and tough road to recovery but dad is getting there. And he's getting more and more positive. We all are. I'm so proud of dad and everything he's achieved going through this dreadful fight. And yes the road to recovery has been a difficult one and it still is! but as long as you maintain your hope and strength you can get better and you can get back to your life. Which thankfully dad has begun hes back at work. Were going out places, and we are enjoying our selves again. I hope that my dad's journey is going to help new and current members of lungevity, learn and help them through there journey of there own. Dads page is full of his updates and how hes felt through his journey, and i think it will help you get an understanding of lung cancer and its treatments. Ill keep you updated with any news on dad. Many thanks everyone Cody x

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