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Good news, I think


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Well, my dad's PET showed the lung tumor and some lit up at the spinal area where they removed the tumor in surgery, which might just be residual stuff, and possibly one area on a rib. That seems to be better news than it could have been.

The slightly wierd thing is that the oncologist we saw today didn't seem to know much of the game plan, but maybe they are still figuring out what it is. his colleague is the one who mentioned possible surgery if the PET was ok. I guess the plan is to finish this round of radiation (so far no bad effects, but only a week into it) and see where we are -- and also the idea seems to be that combining chemo and radiation this close to surgery could just be too much. Which I suppose makes sense.

He did give the order to get as many calories in as possible, in any form, which seems to make my dad pretty happy. He was reading literature about adding butter and cream to food and smiling.....

Well, I guess it's more hurry up and wait, but at least something is happening.

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Hi Carla,

Well, it's not totally what we all want to hear, that he is (CURED), but it is hopeful and that is GOOD! I'll bet he just LOVED hearing that doctor tell him to EAT until your hearts CONTENT!!! I guess your dad isn't a candidate for the Fat Club here on the board? :roll::wink::)

I'm sorry you have to hang in the waiting room of living life with cancer again, but MOST of us hang out in that room. :roll:

Keep us posted.

Good luck and God Bless to you and your dad.

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Thanks. I agree you have to take the good news where you can get it. The radiologist had some x-rays done on the rib and nothing showed there, but the report says of course the PET can be more sensitive -- but he had had some rib pain the day they did the PET and it is gone, so maybe it was just something wierd. I don't know what else they could do to figure out the discrepency (bone scan?) but will ask the doctor this week when I go with them for the oncologist appointment.

No, he's not a candidate for the Fat Club, although glad to not have to watch weight anymore (fat-free milk is now banned from the house) and his appetite isn't what it was, but he's hanging in there. He was having trouble swallowing his pills and a nurse suggested sherbet -- he opted for chocolate ice cream instead and it is working well -- plus gets a few more calories in.

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