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World Lung Cancer Day & My Brother's Birthday

Good Bro

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The irony of August 1st being World Lung Cancer Day and also my brother's birthday is still a bit mind-blowing to me.  He is approaching 15 months since his diagnosis of Stg4 NSCLC.  As with many is his situation, he has had his ups and downs.  He doesn't have any mutations and his PDL1 is negative.  So, no targeted therapy and no surprise that immunotherapy didn't work.  He is now on his 3rd line treatment with Gemzar and docs told him that it's onto clinical trials if this doesn't work.  Amazingly, his performance status is still pretty decent (~1).  Just hoping there are more drug breakthroughs coming in the future and that he, and all others dealing with this disease, can hang on that long to benefit from them.  So sad to watch a family member and close friend go through this horrible disease.  :(  



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Our loved ones and caregivers do have it hard, that's for sure. We may not always be able to recognize your struggles but we appreciate all the support. 

I've heard many oncologists say that in clinical trials you get tomorrow's treatment today. I hope your brother responds well to Gemzar, and I wish him a Happy Birthday. 

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So sorry to hear this. I'm hopeful for your brother's good response, as well as for options for the future. 

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Sorry to hear this, but glad to hear that there is a treatment possibility and there is hope where there is a form of treatment.  I wish the best for him and you.


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