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Hi my name is Misty


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I am 45 and a nodule was found incidentally during a chest X-ray. 
my second CT report read as follows…

Within the superior segment of the right lower lobe, there is a thick-walled cavitary pulmonary nodule. The margins are spiculated. The cavity measures approximately 2.0 x 1.8 cm (axial image 128, series 3). The nodule contacts the pleural surface of the major fissure. No evidence for extension through the pleura. Also within the right lower lobe, there is a subpleural noncalcified pulmonary nodule measuring about 4 mm (axial image 173, series 3). There are a couple of millimetric pleural-based intrapulmonary lymph nodes within the right lower lobe also seen.


I do have surgery scheduled for September 9.  I am hoping to learn from this forum! A biopsy will also be done during surgery. 

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Hi misty

Welcome here this is a great community and a fantastic place for help and support, I really hope all goes well with your surgery and they get rid of this for you, stay strong and positive all the best 

Take care Justin x 

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Welcome Misty,

Your scan suggests all the activity of concern is in the right lower lobe. Moreover, while the reported nodule contacts the pleural surface, it has not penetrated the pleural. This is good news.

Has your surgeon defined the scope of your surgery. You could have a lobectomy (removal of the right lower lobe). There are many new techniques for performing this type of surgery that often shorten the recovery process. You can read about these here. Moreover, one of our members--Lou--authored a great resource of tips and tricks for lung surgery. These are found here.

As for biopsy, a pathologist will perform the initial biopsy using a microscope and slides from the biopsy sample. This histology examination is the key method for determining if your nodule is cancer and if positive, the type of lung cancer. Ensure you ask your surgeon to have your biopsy material sent for follow on laboratory testing (biomarker testing) to check for targeted therapy or immunotherapy. This follow on lab testing is important but may not be routine across the country. You definitely want to know this information if your histology exam indicates lung cancer.

This is a lot to unpack. Lung cancer vocabulary is difficult but we are here to answer your questions and help you understand the baffling complexity of our disease's lingua franka. Here is a glossary  good resource to get your started. Be sure you audition a medical oncologist before or very soon after surgery. While surgeons have an important role in our disease, their involvement is mostly at the front end, and you want a medical professional for your entire cancer journey, if there is a journey. 

Stay the course.


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Hi Misty,

Welcome to our forums, sorry you need to be here.  Tom has already shared some great information with you.  Since your surgery is not that far off I'd like to share some "Tips and Tricks" on what to do pre-surgery, right after, and then post-surgery recovery.  It's a blog titled "Thoracic Surgery Tips and Tricks" (it can be found here) and it contains practical advise on how to get through your surgery.  For the most part most folks here have found the surgery to be less bad then they expected.  Please keep us updated and feel free to ask any question your want or even to just vent.  We're happy to support you on this journey.


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Hi Misty, welcome to the forum. I was recently incidentally diagnosed at 49, though my tumour was missed for many years as it was also captured incidentally in 2018. I hope you get the best possible news from your surgery but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You have found the best forum for lung cancer survivors! 

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Thank you all for the support and kindness.  The surgeon said he would attempt a wedge resection but may end up with the entire lobe, which I am ok with.   God has worked out all the details and so far everything has fallen into place! 

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