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How long did it take till your cough went away during treatment


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My mom has stage 3b and had a cough before diagnosis finished 2 rounds of chemo and 6weeks of radiation caught got better during this treatment but ince she finished started to cough a but more she finished 1 round of 12 immuno therepy imfimzi and starting her second tmr. Just wondering if it usually takes this long for a cough to go away

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Sorry to learn about your mom’s coughing. 

Here is what I know about my treatment and coughing. After my first line chemo radiation series of treatments, my coughing did wane. I think radiation and the size, the location of my tumor, and the killing power of radiation were the reasons.

I don’t have personal experience with Infinzi so I can’t offer an answer to this treatment and its effect on coughing. I do hope her symptoms are reduced with further treatment.

Stay the course.


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I had the same experience as Tom, but after 7 months on Tagrisso I developed an annoying dry cough. It turned out to be nasal allergies/post-nasal drip caused by Tag, so I take Claritin daily. 

I wonder whether your mom's cough could be caused by acid reflux. I also had that during and after chest radiation for a while. 

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That cough.  Yeah, could be a number of related things: immunotherapy and radiation can prolong the cough. 

I did develop post chemo allergies and like Judy take a daily Claritin (Zertec made me too drowsy).  

Acid reflux is another common culprit that needs to be evaluated- I mix two teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, 8oz of water and a little bit of stevia with dinner and that took care of acid reflux and morning phlegm. 

All of this is a way of saying everyone responds a little differently and eventually it all gets sorted out when the symptoms are reported to the doctor.  Always important to remember it’s not complaining but explaining.  

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