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Number of Chemo Rounds


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Hi Everyone,

I don't know if this has been discussed previously but if so, maybe you wouldn't mind answering again.?

When I originally saw/met my onc, she stated I would be getting "eight rounds of chemo". However, my 2nd opinion onc said I should receive 6 rounds and the ACS states in their literature regarding SCLC that it has not been shown to be beneficial to receive more than 4 to 6 rounds.

Has anyone here received more than 6 rounds on their first time of receiving chemo?

Thank you.

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In my case (limited sclc) I was given 4 rounds of etoposide/cisplatin, spaced three weeks apart - in hopital stay 3 days each time. In addition to that I received 16 days of twice daily radiation, which they said was the max i could tolerate. The radiation was given at the beginning of my chemo treatment. I've read that concurrent chemo and radiation produce good results for sclc. They have for me, so far next month will be two years since my treatments. I too have read that anything beyond 6 treatments doesn't seem to produce a better result. I wish you lots of luck.


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Thanks Joanie.

I have extensive stage but even in extensive stage it states that more than 6 rounds doesn't have any benefits.

I'm so glad you are doing so well!!! That's wonderful. And thanks for your response.

PS. That's a cute photo of your dog going after the balloon!

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