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I came across your site just weeks ago. I don't know why I didn't find it when I was doing so much research last summer. You all sound like a great group of people, like those I have experienced meeting at our local cancer center. Everyone is in or has a loved one who is in the same awful boat! One I never dreamed I would ever be in for sure! It has been an incredibly scary process but, with the help of my wonderful brothers, sisters, children and friends, has helped me to grow both personally and spiritually.

My diagnosis was like being blind-sided with a two-by-four (I'm sure you know what I mean!) I was expecting a simple negative chest x-ray as a followup to a once-every-four-years TB test required, since I work with students at our college and inside a Federal prison. Anyway, as I said below, another followup chest x-ray has my doc wanting to see a new CT and bone scan. I only just got back to work in late January and was trying to purchase a house . . . wow, it's very depressing to think I might have to go through it all again. It takes so long to rebound. I haven't told anyone about this as yet, in case there is no need for alarm. They have been through so much already. I do catch myself blaming myself because I am an x-smoker, but my doctor tells me he is seeing more and more cases where the patient has never smoked or lived with a smoker. And I see lots of posts by those same people. I thought my "curse" in life was going to be the rheumatoid arthritis, but was I ever wrong! Does anyone else suffer with RA, too? It sure does complicate the course of treatment. Well, I just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone. I plan to come by daily whenever possible to get my uplifting 'fix.' Thanks, too, to the originators of this wonderful site. It is so badly needed. I will pray for you all!

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Welcome. I am sure you will receive many welcomes from some of the wonderful people here--and most will be more eloquent than mine. I am newly dXED, stage IIIB--being treated as stage IV due to tumor size and location. Has not been a great past 6 weeks. But you have been there. I have beeen helped by so many here and I am glad you found us! I am about ten years younger than you and I was so shocked--even though I

was a smoker. I had tried many times to quit and I did still think I had time. Who knew?

I will pray the area in your lung is nothing to be overly concerned with. I know how it feels to want to protect those we love from all this.

Keep us updated. We do care


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I am new to this as are you, dx'd in January. Regarding your question about RA, how long have you had it? I was dx'd with "classic onset RA" 11/2002. Did you take Humira? I have suspected that the Humira contributed to the NSCLC, but I am now wondering if the symptoms that were dx'd as RA were actually NSCLC?

Anyway, I am not having any symptoms of RA now, except for stiffness in the morning. I can't imagine going through this dealing with RA also.

My thoughts and prayers are with you that your test results are good.


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Hi Lindalu,

Just wanted to welcome you to this group of really great people. They've certainly made me feel welcome and you will feel the same. (I have a sister named Linda Louise and many years ago I nicknamed her Lindalu).

I wish you the very best - I know how difficult fighting this (or any) cancer can be - your entire life is turned upside down in a matter of moments or hours.

We lived in Sacramento for 11 years prior to moving to Houston. I can't remember what part of the state Taft is located in.

Again, welcome - and God Bless each and everyone of us.

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Welcome and I am so sorry you have to be hear but glad you found this place. You will find these are the most loving and generous people you have ever encountered.

Don't blame yourself for smoking. I for one still do not believe it is cigs. I don't think cigs are good for anyone but to many people on here have never smoked so how did they come down with it?

Hang on tight, it is a hard and bumpy road. So glad you have friends and family to help you through this.

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Welcome to the group,

you will find a lot of people that can answer your questions.

They also offer their shoulders, when needed.

Keep us posted.


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Hi Linda,

Sorry we have to meet here. But you will be hearing from some really awesome people on here. They are caring, compassionate and a world of knowledge. May you be blessed with continued good progress and keep a positive attitude. You are in my prayers...

Blessings and gentle hugs from Southern California...


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