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Hi group

It's been awhile since I posted here and hope everyone is doing ok.

Feel a review is warranted before my question .

Was dx'd with NSLC July 2021. Protocol: 6 weeks of daily radiation and 5 cycles of low dose Taxol/Carboplatin.

Drs could not definitively tell me if dx was lung or mullerian met from previous uterine cancer in 1999.

CT scan in April 2022 showed new nodules in left lung, whereas previous growth contained in right lung.

Had biopsy done and Drs are now dxing as mullerian met.

Currently being treated 5-8 cycles high dose Taxol/Carbo every 3 weeks, HOWEVER, since cycle 3 my platelets have not recovered enuf to rcv chemo every 3 weeks and is averaging every 5 weeks! Yuk.

So here's my question. A CT scan done 3 weeks ago has IDd the term bullae in my right lung. This term has never been used in any CT/PET/MRI in the last year.

My gyno onco said she's not heard of bullae in lung, only skin and said she'd reach out to radiologist and pulmonologist to.get input. It's been over 2 weeks and no word.

Have any of u run across that term or had bullae and what info can u give me? Dr Google is not heloing.

Just wondering if it is a different term used by this particular radiologist or if I shd be overly concerned as it has always been described as a mass or pnemonitis in the past scans.

Thx everyone!

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Hi Dona,

I'm glad you posted.  While I have not been diagnosed with Bullae, it does not seem that it is a condition only unrelated to the lungs, but rather a result of changes in the lung tissue caused by emphysema.  You can read some information here from our own National Institute of Health.  The article can be found hehttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK537243/re.

I hope this helps.


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