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How can things change so quickly?


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I haven't posted in a while. My MIL was diagnosed with Stage IV squamous cell in November. Fist sign was due to mets to brain. She did 14 WBR treatments. Started chemo and did one round of three treatments ( one a week for three weeks, then one week off). Her second round was supposed to start last Friday, but blood counts were too low. She was supposed to start again today.

All along she has been doing really well, living alone, taking care of her apt. and 2 small dogs and a bird. She was feeling pretty well with no pain and only complained about fatigue and vague feelings of "not quite right".

Yesterday afternoon she started getting really bad pain in stomach area so bad she was doubled over. Her daughter called the Doctor and took her to the hospital. Come to find out, the cancer had mets to the liver, kidneys and she had a minor case of diverticulitis. They put her on pain meds and iv antibiotics. She was pretty out of it due to the meds, but she would focus on you and occasionally be able to speak only a word or two. She was like that all day but spoke less. Tonite she had two seizures an they added more meds for that. It doesn't look good at all.

It amazes me that she was "fine" (considering her disease) early yesterday and has gone downhill so fast.

Maybe those with experience can give me some idea of how this can happen so quickly. The family feels that her days left are few.

Thanks for any info you can provide. Please don't be afraid to say it like it is. I am a need to know person.


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It is so scary, isn't it?? I don't know how it happens quickly but it can. I just posted an update on my mom, in the "general" area so I won't repeat myself.

Every case is different but you may want to ask the doctors if the transition to the meds is causing any of this. I saw this with my mom but it got ironed out after about a week.

I will keep you in my prayers.

May God grant all of us His Grace,


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Don't count her out yet! Like Mo said, it may be the other prob or even if it isn't, and it is the cancer, it may just get better and she will be able to operate on her own again. One never knews with this lc. We say it all the time. It is like going for a roller coaster ride. Lots of ups and downs. Tell her to hang on tight. Will put her in my prayers.

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Thank you all for your kind words. I went to see my MIL today and she improved aliitle since last nite. The seizures she had were caused by an increase in the size of the tumors in her head per the doctor. He said these problems are progression of the disease.

The family is going to send her to Hospice in Branford Connecticut. It is the best hospice facility in this area and I've only heard good things about it.

Things are getting alittle tense within the family at this point. I am trying not to take anything personally and try to stay out of their decisions and problems unless I am asked for input. I am supporting them as best I can, but today I just broke down and cried because it has been an exhausting 2 days, physically and emotionallly.

My greatest hope is that she dies peacefully and in no

Thank you again and I pray for all of you.

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