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Pain management after Lobectomy


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I was diagnosed with Stage 3B- Non-Small Cell Carcinoma. My oncologist decided to try a just approved FDA approach (end stage cancer treatment w/ immunotherapy). After therapy I had my upper left lob and 13 nymph nodes removed on June 2, 2022. 

If anyone is interested and having significant pain in the areas of surgery, I have another exercise that can be done to ease the pain without drugs.  It is done only with hand movements.  This was written by ? and was found on one of the many lung cancer sites I review.  I have found it to be very helpful.  I believe what it does is by you manipulating the areas (lightly) you are not only breaking up scar tissue, but also helping the nerve endings to find each other again?  This is just my educated guess.  I do this exercise standing up rather than laying down as it states. I am not doing the bands yet, because I am just now able to lift heavier items (more than 10 lbs) Give it a try and or pass it on. Wishing you all the best!  

"Hi. My daughter had just studied physiotherapy when I hadn't op and she advised me to go to physio. I saw 2 and both helped me in 2 ways. One at the time sounded a bit unconventional in her treatment but it worked. She was a neuro physio just by chance and she explained to me how nerves can become pain nerves after trauma and not 'sensation' nerves. I was completely numb front and side from having the traditional thoracotomy. She made me lie on the bed, eyes closed and slowly stroked one side from back to front across my rib area on the good side and then did the same on the site cut side and then did the 2 sides together. She said the brain likes symmetry and that we have to re-teach the brain that the nerves need to feel sensation not pain. I did this 3 times a day at home with my youngest daughter and after 3 weeks I started to have sensation and less 'nervy' pain. I have full sensation now except on scar tissue but still have pain in lower rib area that has never gone away. Just twinges. I went to a respiratory physio who didn't really help.me for the breathing but I met an amazing young man who when I told him my issues said he knew exactly what was wrong. I couldn't even start for 5min or do anything that involves me uses my arms and torso. The burning back and side ache was so painful. He explained the op and how they 'strength' you on the table etc and he started of with simple stretches. I had a band wrapped around both door handles (side on) or around a frame so you could pull on them both ends. I started with 5 and built up to 20 of pulling with straight arms to my side. Then bending my elbows and pulling into my waist height. And once I got that so it wasn't to painful, I made the bands into a circle about shoulder width, put hands inside slightly outstretched and tried to open my arms, So the bands became the resistance. Just strengthening my muscles. He gave me other stretches and deep breathing exercises as he realized my lower rib cage wasn't moving at all really and that was 6 months after my op. So all that helped me within a month, pain and mobility wise, but I just can't so much without becoming breathless. Walking up the stairs gets me haha I have to wait on top to catch my breath. Hope these tips could help you."

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