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After all of my lung surgeries I was told in no uncertain terms if there was drainage of any kind to seek medical attention. Your Mom should be evaluated by a physican ASAP. Let the Physician decide if this is cause for concern. The sooner the better.

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JC--I could not open that link.

Fay--thank you! We did call the dr immediately, a few times actually :) Why is it though that I am never 100% satisfied when the doctors say it is normal? I just don't trust them all. The surgeon said it is very common, she just keeps soaking through everything. So at 5:30 my dad took her to her internist who is more local and he looked at it and said it was ok, normal also. Yet the internist is not following the lung cancer care and I just wonder what they all know anyway since he didn't want to do a chest xray in the first place.

My dad called the surgeon office again at 9pm last night and they said she can come in Monday. Until then, either live with it or go to ER for another stitch. So far she is trying to deal with it, my dad prefers not to take her to ER b/c at ER you are exposing youself to tons of germs, so it is a double edged sword.

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