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Another scare. Really hoping the cancer hasn't returned


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My mum's last scan was in July and everything was clear. My mum is in Poland where she's having check ups. She's got a bad cold and temperature so she went to the doctor who did an x-ray. They said that they found something in the left lung but can't identity it and want to do a CT. My mum doesn't want a CT scan in Poland as she regularly gets checked in the UK. I'm really scared that the cancer has returned. 



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We are always afraid of lung cancer recurrence.

I think it is important to get a CT quickly. Interpreting the scan is the critical part of the examination and radiologists both in Poland and the UK can offer interpretation. So, I'd not be concerned where the scan is administered but ensure your mom carries a CD Rom or flash drive of the actual scan home to be read by radiologists knowledgable of her history.

Stay the course.


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You are right, docs in Poland do not know your mom’s history. Fresh pair of eyes is good though but as Tom said, make sure to get the imaging data so her oncologist can review them. I know how it feels but try and remain calm until you know more. Hope it is just a false alarm. Best wishes!

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You are correct that the doctors don't know your mom's treatment history so a follow up with a CT Scan really is recommended here so you can be sure of what is going on.  Your mom is in my prayers for a good outcome.


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