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6 month scans


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Hi everyone. Had my 6 month chest/abdomen CT scan and brain MRI on Tuesday. The chest/abdomen are looking great. The brain…not so well. I have a 3mm metastasis deposit in the left temporal lobe. I have an apt on this coming Tuesday with my radiation oncologist and the cyber knife surgeon. Wish me luck.

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Great news on the chest/abdomen scans and worthy of some celebration.  A 3mm met is quite small and should respond well to focused rad treatment.  So many here speak highly of cyber knife results.  Please keep us updated on this.  I want to get to where you can celebrate on both chest/abdomen and brain met frying.  


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@PstarDang it. You might want to do a little reading about the difference between gamma knife and cyber knife. This seems pretty comprehensive. https://www.princetonneurologicalsurgery.com/radiosurgery-institute/treatment-tools/gamma-knife-vs-cyberknife/

Take deep breaths. You can do this. 

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