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Good news, everything is ok.


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My mum went to a pulmonologist and oncologist in Poland about her scan and he said that everything is ok and that there's nothing in the left lung (the radiologist made a mistake about which lung it was) and in the right lung there's scarring from the radiotherapy which is normal and my mum's oncologist back at home mentioned she had scarring from the radiotherapy anyway. Such a relief! So there's no need for my mum to have a CT scan right away and she can wait until her scheduled monitoring routine CT scan at the end of November. 

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The Polish GP who had the scan didn't know my mum's history plus she made a mistake about which lung it was. Apparently she told my mum it was bad news and slammed the phone down! What terrible bedside manners!

Luckily my mum went to the pulmonologist and oncologist (still in Poland) which she booked before. He received my mum's x-ray from the GP and said it was nothing concerning especially when my mum explained her history to him. He said that there's nothing in the left lung and there's scarring in the right lung (which my mum's oncologist in the UK told her she had anyway from the radiation) and with my mum's treatment history, nothing to be too concerned about. 

He also heard of the hospital that my mum is under in the UK- he worked there for a few months and sung it's praises (my mum is under one of the best and most specialist cancer centres in the UK). He said if there was anything they would have picked it up.

He did say that my mum has a chest infection (she sounded dreadful when I spoke to her and kept coughing) and gave her antibiotics. He was surprised that GP didn't give her antibiotics. 

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Isn’t it horrible when some doctors make mistakes or treat patients inhumanely?! I can never understand bad bedside manners, they can break one’s spirit sometimes. Glad your mom saw a more competent specialist and she was reassured. Hope her infection is minor (did she get a COVID test)? Best wishes.

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