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Hi friends,

Thought I would give you an update on my dear Bill. Bill needs me for everything right now as movement causes him pain - getting dressed, reaching for things, getting medicine, etc....but I am glad to do it and grateful he is still with me. He is feeling very nauseated and is only drinking Ensure 3 times a day. We don't know if he caught a bug or what.

Bill "fired" his oncologist he has been with for over a year. The oncologist who saw him in the hospital agreed to take on his case. Unfortunately Bill had to wait almost two hours to see the doctor Wednesday ( he was running so far behind.) We were in a panic because the oxygen tank was running low - we told a nurse and she got us a new tank and told us to always use their oxygen while we wait.

Our new doctor showed us the actual scans on the screen so that we could see the tumors that have grown since December. It was frightening to look at but we wanted to see.

The doctor suggested one more chemotherapy combination of drugs for Bill to consider, CPT11 and Temodar. The research nurse is checking to see if insurance will cover it since one of the drugs is experimental when used for lung cancer - it's a brain cancer drug. They did a clinical trial with the combo but Bill doesn't qualify since he has had so much chemo. So we will see what happens.

In the meantime, Bill has some new areas of pain so the doctor doubled his Oxycontin prescription and ordered xrays in the afternoon after a bone treatment infusion. Well, it was a long day for Bill and he was feeling pretty poorly anyhow - and he threw up while getting the xray. I got him home and put him right to bed.

Can't explain why his arms are hurting so badly since there are no bone mets there. Someone mentioned muscle pain before due to cancer - can't remember the specifics. Anyone remember?

Anyhow, I pray that the insurance comes through and that Bill can feel better enough to begin this treatment. Temodar is taken orally by pill for two weeks and the CPT11 is given on days 8 and 15 and then another cycle before scanning at 6 weeks.

It is unbelievable how much treatment my beloved has received. This is a nightmare.

Sorry so long and thanks for reading all of this.

Blessings to each and every one of you,


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That was me about muscle weakness and pain due to the cancer itself rather than chemo or radiaiton. I have never had chemo or radiation and still experience muscle pain and weakness so I asked my doctor about it. He explained to me, after doing his own research, that in SOME cases the cancer produces some kind of hormone that attacks the muscles. In my case it's the muscles in my legs that got hit the hardest with some minor affect in the arms. The unfortunate thing is there isn't much that can be done about it other than treat the cancer itself. So here's a BIG prayer going out that the insurance covers Bill's new treatment and that it does the job!


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Dear Peg,

I am glad there is some hope back in your life. The new onc. sounds like a God send.

Hope Bill is feeling better and that the pain meds are helping.

As others have said, know that in spirit we are all here beside you.



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I am glad you have a new DR. that is giving you the hope and new treatments. I pray that he will start feeling better with the pain meds. I think of you often. Love


(I know it says guest but it is CindyRN)

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Dearest Peg,

Thanks so much for the update on Bill. I am so sorry you both have to go through so much. I continue to pray that the new chemo brings success and that Bill gets some relief from all his pain. Hugs to you. I wish so dearly I could make it all better.

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