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Well onto clinical trials for my brother

Good Bro

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My brother, 48 yrs old dx with NSCLC stg 4 in May of 2021.  No mutations and PDL1 is negative.  Been through a lot just like most on this forum.  Was supposed to have his 6th treatment of Gemzar on Friday but more progression in his liver convinced his doc to stop the Gemzar.  This was his 3rd-line of standard treatments and now the doc is recommending him to move onto a clinical trial.  Not sure which one yet but this has been a devastating blow to his spirits.  The doc and a bunch of us family have tried to help raise his spirits by explaining that in clinical trials, he'll be getting tomorrow's treatment today! 

We were able to host an awesome tailgate at the UofM / MSU game this past weekend and he was able to attend the entire time.  He basically spent the entire day in a chair in front of the big screen TV but it was great that he was there with us and many visitors were able to see and talk with him also.  Also helped that Michigan whooped their butts too!!!  :)  

Anyway, any positive clinical trial experiences to share with him?

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The oncologists who present at LUNGevity conferences, as well as elsewhere, all say that in clinical trials we get tomorrow's treatments today. Both LUNGevity and GO2 Foundation have clinical trial navigators if you need that service. 

I'm glad your brother was able to get out and enjoy the game and also hope he can find an appropriate and effective clinical trial. 

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Good Bro,

Good to hear from you again. Indeed, it was a good football game; an enjoyable contest for I have no stake in either team. Here is the link to Lungevity's Clinical Trial Navigator. I hope this helps.

Stay the course.


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