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It’s Cancer…


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Hi Everyone,

My doctor called me Friday a the end of the day. He had received the report from the chest CT that I had had Tuesday, I also received a copy and we went over it.  He told me that I have cancer.


2 spiculated nodules are seen in the apical segment of the right upper lobe, one sub plural spiculated nodule measuring 1.6 x 1.6 cm and a second just adjacent to this measuring 1.7 x 1.4 cm.

Subpleural nodule in the middle lobe measuring 3mm.

Multiple enlarged mediastinal nodes, the largest being a precarinal node measuring 1.3cm, aortopulmonary node measuring 0.8, subcarinal node measuring 1.1cm right hilar node measuring 1.2cm.

Multiple smaller nodes are scattered throughout the mediastinum superiorly.


Two right upper pulmonary nodules as described with associated mediastinal and hilar lymphadenopathy.

The differential diagnosis includes a primary malignancy with a satellite or metastatic disease with the former more likely given the location of the nodules.

An urgent respirology opinion is recommended.

Next Step?

I am being referred to a thoratic surgeon to schedule a biopsy. He said that we need to determine it it’s a lung cancer or if it started elsewhere and spread to lungs and lymph nodes.

Really unsure of the process, what happens next, what to expect.


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Sorry you need to be here, but glad you found us.  I can understand how you must feel right now.  A lung cancer diagnosis is tough, but there is hope as it is no longer the automatic death sentence it once was.  You'll find many survivors here that will share their experience and knowledge with you.  You ask a great question ("What happens next") and there is some good information you should read regarding "Navigating Your Diagnosis", it has many articles that will inform and advise.  It can be found here.  

I also want to share a great and important blog titled "10 Steps to Surviving Lung Cancer; From a Survivor" that can be found on this page.

In the meantime please post any specific questions and take time now to learn all you can about this disease.  We're here to support you so keep on posting.


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Lou gave the essential elements of information at this juncture. Do read in to his suggested sources.  Here is some hope. First, only a biopsy can diagnose lung cancer so you may not have it, but your scan suggests you have something. If the biopsy confirms lung cancer, then consider I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB non small cell squamous cell lung cancer in February 2004. After surgery and another 4 metastasis events (progression to Stage IV), I had my first no evidence of disease (NED) scan in March 2007. To date, that is more than 18 years of survival and if I can live, so can you.

Stay the course.


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