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Consultation Scheduled with GVAX Researchers


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Hey Folks,

I just wanted to let you all know that I have an appt. set on March 23rd with GVAX Researchers. Baylor Hospital in Dallas is one of the Hospitals participating in this study, and I also happen to be getting my treatment there. My onc referred me via my request. He never even mentioned the trial, I had to read about it in the paper. I asked if I needed to gather my scans and other tests, but they said "No, we already have your file." So, I am assuming they know my story. My onc and surgeon are "not sure if its cancer." I met with my surgeon the day I picked up Jack from Baylor. He said that he "would hate to risk your life with such a risky surgery and the nodules be benign." I also asked about the swollen lymph on my trachea, again "it could be nothing." So I am scheduled for a another CT scan to check for changes and growth. Originally, I had uptake in my right supraclavicular node which put me a stage 3A-B. However, it disappearred after doing chemo. That would have been an ideal node to take to make a vaccine. I just don't know if they can get to the cancer, or if it even is cancer. Adeno-Bac likes to spread into the other lung, and that makes me really question the nodules being benign. From what I have read, Bac really responds best to the GVAX vaccine. As usual with this disease, there are so many unknowns and uncertanties. I am afraid to get my hopes up too much about this trial. I sure do not want to do more chemo, but will do what it takes to live. My onc is conservative on the chemo. I am feeling pretty good these days, still continuing the alternative treatments. I did have this bad dream the other night though, that "Death" had come for me disguised as my trusted sister. When I realized it was the Grim Reaper I went "Bruce Lee" on him. My husband came running in the bedroom to awaken me from the nightmare. He said, "Who were you fighting?" Ha! I was karate chopping, kicking, flipping....I was exhausted from fighting him all night.

I just want to "thank you all" for the support. Jack was touched by your kind words. He is doing very well....with the exception of his diet!!! He starts rehab next week, and perhaps will get to meet with a dietician...the "wife nutritionist" just seems to make him angry. He won't even eat in front of me now! He carries his plate off into another room. I nag him about the salt and gallon of milk he drinks. Just because it is 1% doesn't mean "all you can drink." There I go...Ha! See what he has to put up with! Jack is actually very lean, its just his family history of heart disease that is really bad!

If any one else here on this board has had any experience with this GVAX trial, please post about your experience. Becky G. don't give up on this trial, pm me if I can do anything to help. I will keep you all updated.

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When I asked Earl's onc about it, he said:

He has a friend who is doing one of the trials.

They need a 'golf ball' size tumor or alot of plueral effusion to make the tumor.

It works best on non smoker women with BAC.

Didn't go much further with him because he said Earl was not a candidate.

Good luck.


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Hi Cheryl & Jack,

Glad to hear that Jack is doing well. I too have to keep an eye on the hubby for the milk. He is such a milk lover and 1% too, it gets colder and he thinks it is better for him. lol :roll:

Sending Prayers and cyber hugs from Southern California...


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