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Hoping to learn more about LC - Darius


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Hi, my name is Darius Audryc from Singapore, and I've been fighting stage IV NSCLC / Adenocarcinoma since March 2021. I am now 30 years old.

Although I have a stage IV LC, the tumour has only spread within the lung. However, I have a unique situation where my left tumour is more sensitive to chemo than my right tumour. Most of the doctors I met assumed that I might have two different type of cancers. And since the right lung tumour is more stubborn, we only did a genetic testing on the right lung tumour. Unfortunately, the result has shown that I do not have any known biomarkers. So I have less than 1% PDL1, no EGFR, ALK, BRAF, etc.

My current treatment is chemo: Texotere (90mg) and immuno: Keytruda (200mg).

I am hoping to learn more from people who have similar experience, which is stage IV NSCLC with less than 1% PDL1. What type of treatments have you done that is effective, and what other complications that you encountered?

I am glad to learn about this community and hope to learn as much as possible.

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Welcome here sorry that you have to be though, I dont know anything about immunotherapy I'm afraid I'm fairly sure I have less than 1% PDL1 and I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy done at the end of last year for right upper lobe lung cancer and lymph nodes, I hope someone will come along with some answers for you 

All the best and goodluck Justin 

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Welcome Darius! Breaks the heart to see younger and younger patients here. However, you reached the best forum for LC patients on the web.

I did not have experience with immuno but I did chemo and it was not easy but it passed. Is there a reason they are not operating to remove the cancer surgically (was it because lymph nodes were cancerous too)? Did doctors consider radiotherapy? Also, I would push for every tumour sample to be biomarker tested, I can't understand why doctors are not obliged to do that for every patient.

Hope your journey with lung cancer ends with good news, stay optimistic and keep us posted.


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Welcome Darius,

I only just saw your message (ironically I was in SG/KL for work). I have been on Keytruda for 14 months, but my PDL is high. However, my oncology team (and indeed many UK oncologists), are very hopeful about the combination of systemic therapy (immuno, chemo or targeted) with aggressive use of radiotherapy for people with oligometastatic stage 4 cancers - I.e. people with 5 or less metastases. See description of the newest trial which I was in here: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02417662

I know that a couple of UK folks on this site have had this combo, and are doing quite well.

All the best to you, Rikke

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