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Mum has check up scan tomorrow. Hoping she continues to be NED


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My has her CT scan tomorrow so hoping nothing has changed. There was that scare last month in Poland when my mum had an x-ray because of a bad case of laryngitis and that awful GP saw something in the lung and wanted her to do a CT scan. She booked an appointment with a lung specialist and oncologist in Poland and he said that the GP mixed up the lungs (she said there was something in the left lung when my mum's cancer was in the right) and that the x-ray showed scarring in her right lung which her oncologist in the UK already told her that she had from heavy radiation and that she could wait until her follow up scan. 

I'm hoping that there are no changes since July and that the specialist in Poland is right. Mum feels well otherwise. We received good news that she doesn't need a knee replacement which mum was worried she would need. The doctor said that physio and going to the osteopath helped improve her knees greatly. Hopefully more good news will follow.

She also has a consultation with the oncologist 2 weeks after the scan. I don't know why the wait is always so lung. It seems like there's always 2 weeks between the CT scan and the results.

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Sending you the most positive vibes @catlady91! Hope you hear the best of news.

I hear you about delays, it took my cancer centre 2 weeks to tell me the results of my recent abdominal MRI! Doctor called yesterday and asked if I have time to talk. I got so scared since I assumed it was bad news. Instead he said "your oncologist wanted me to call and reassure you that liver spot was benign", phew! He is a nice doctor but gave me such a fright. I wish doctors think a lot more about how to interact with cancer survivors.

Best wishes for your mom!

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Hi Monica 

I hope your mum gets good news i know the waiting is crazy isn't it and messes with your mind it's terrible,I'm glad your mum's knee is better and doesn't have to have an operation let's hope the good news continues, goodluck with everything Take care Justin x 

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