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A special thank you to all the members here


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Here is an e-mail that we wanted to share. This shows that even if you don't feel like it or even if you don't "see" it, ALL of you are helping each other thru this journey that no one wants to be on. SO many lurkers out there that hang on your every word and revel in your accomplishments and your survival. The administrators can "see" the actual number of visits a day and there are ALOT of folks who do not register and are "afraid" to post-

God Bless all of you- and know how much you're appreciated by us, by other members and by people you've never even met!

Dear Rick:

I haven't accessed your site before, but ALL of the members were an inspiration to my husband, Owen. Owen had a right nemenectomy on March 7, 2003. He passed away very quickly yesterday, March 13, 2004 because of asthma complications in his left lung.

I am writing to you to let you know that you and the other people on this site are doing wonders for survivors. Please let everyone know how much I appreciate this gift to him this past year and continue your good work. Keep him and us in your thoughts and prayers.


Marilyn Bonner

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