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Two questions about Iressa


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We will try to put our daddy on Iressa, but I have two questions:

1) His oncologist told me that patients with bone mets. did not response well. I know not everyone response to Iressa, but do people with bone mets have worse response to iressa?

2) My daddy does not have insurance, so we are going to pay it ourselves, I compared the price through online search, found it is a little bit cheaper if we order through online pharmacy. But I heard it is not safe or good doing that? If not, can you tell me which pharmacy will have better deal?



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i've attended a seminar last year, and the onc showed us some pet scan films of a patient with at least 10x bone met (before vs after taking IRESSA). The result was very good that many of his cancer spots disappeared after taking IRESSA.

so, I don't think and don't want IRESSA not work well on bone-met patients.

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