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So scared for my dad


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Very worried and distraught loving daughter here.

I am losing my mind over my Dads new diagnosis of lung cancer and wanted some advice from people who have lived this as-well.

It started with a cough that wouldnt go away and then he thought he had hurt a muscle or slipped a disc in his back beside left shoulder blade. pain was pretty much constant and he couldn't sleep well because of discomfort. couple months later he has a chest x ray that showed something abnormal to ct thats doc confirmed lung cancer. they say it has spread to his spine but we are now waiting on the pet scan results. still have not had a biopsy done but we hope it will happen soon. 

I have been seeing lots of positive stories regarding people who have lived with stage 4 lung cancer and I am trying to stay positive and hope for the best. 

Is there hope? 



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There is always hope!

And fortunately, today there is effective therapy for dealing with advanced stage lung cancer: Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy. (I linked information on these treatments to our Lung Cancer 101 online Library) Moreover, new precision radiation technology is very effective in eliminating bone metastasis. Here is information on radiation used to treat lung cancer. A form of precision radiation (CyberKnife) saved my life in 2007. I was diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer and failed 5 lines of treatment. But newly approved precision radiation to treat solid lung tumors saved the day and my life. So, there is always hope but in today's treatment environment hope is bolstered by effective treatment.

You are right in identifying your dad's next diagnostic step, a biopsy. Lung cancer is diagnosed by pathologist's examination of tissue on a microscope (called a histology exam), but most today have a follow-on laboratory biopsy to identify markers that point to Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy. In the US, medical insurance often tries to block these follow on biopsy but persistent doctors make it happen. I wouldn't know the Canadian National Health policy on lung cancer laboratory biopsies but you need to inquire and cajole bureaucrats so I'd ask your dad's doctor about the follow on biopsy now.

You'll have questions and this is the place for answers. I do hope your dad's biopsy goes smoothly.

Welcome here and...

Stay the course.


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hello Tom 


thank you for your reply. I am hoping for the best. I have been a mess its has been so hard waiting for all the results and tests. Im so scared it will progress further before he can have any treatment that is my biggest fear. I am also worried about the spine mets as I dont want the bones to be eaten away.. but id hope they would be able to see that in the scans?

I have told my mom to ask about all the biomarker tests etc so hopefully we will get the show on the road soon


trying to stay positive and doing my best to stay strong



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Hi lovingdaughter1990 

The waiting between tests and results are a terrible time but once they start the treatment all of you will begin to feel better, the best thing you can do is stay strong and positive and hopefully they will start the treatment ASAP, all the best Take care Justin x 

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Hi lovingdaughter 1990 I'm Justin's mum, I know exactly how your feeling. Jus was diagnosed  with lung cancer 16 months ago at the age of 50 and It's been the scariest and sadist time of my entire life. You are never on your own cause you have this incredible forum to help you, they've certainly helped me, He is doing amazing and having the strength and support from his family is immeasurable. Love is an incredible weapon and it may not seem like it right now but you will get through this, if you ever need a chat I'm always available, it sometimes helps to have someone in the same boat as you, keep strong and positive cause your dads gonna need you, take care and sending lots of love and support Isla xx

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